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Future: Context-Driven Practices

I am now running a tech startup as a Co-Founder and a CTO. Over time, it has become clear that most of the Agile practices can and should only be applied in specific and limited contexts within their boundaries to get the best results. Hence I'm now doing research into what he calls Context-Driven Practices.


DevOps: The Forgotten Team

With the rise of containerisation and modern development practices, long time avoided operations teams have found their way into Agile processes. Full-cycle delivery, from analysis to production ops, has enabled continuous delivery and daily releases for many teams, and I have given a helping hand to a few of them.


Cynefin: Tackling Complexity

Expanding applications of Agile practices outside of the software development field, I have encountered Cynefin Framework - an invaluable tool in making sense of and managing complexity. With a somewhat obscure but rich toolset, it is now possible to tackle harder problems in a flexible and agile way.


Scrum: Coaching in NZ

Just in a month after arriving in the NZ and joining a leading local software company, I took part in a company-wide shift to Agile development and Scrum adoption. His experience in those practices allowed him to help teams around him take on new approaches, build better processes, and deliver higher quality products.


Kanban: A Little Bit Better

Do you know that if you become 1% better every day, in two months you will be twice as good? Following this idea, I have introduced Kanban to daily operations of business analyst, greatly increasing throughput and capacity of the team, and enabling better communications with dev, testing, and operations teams.


Kaizen: Every Day

In a spirit of continuous improvement, one can always find something to change. Working together with seasoned program and project managers, I planned and implemented bite-size changes in operations of the software delivery machine to enable it to deliver more and faster. Change management was handy, every day.


SDLC: Large Scale

That year marked my first application of his skills on state-wide projects, impacting millions of people. Telecommunications software is a complicated domain, and SDLC in it is a blend of many distinct frameworks. There I learnt that large-scale software and service delivery can be done smoothly and predictably.


Lean: My First Startup

Continuing on the road of effective software delivery, I started a software outsourcing business. Lean operations allowed a team of more than a dozen people successfully operate for a couple years before the echoes of the GFC arrived in Ukraine. Still, principles of relentless waste reduction sank in deeply.


Road to Delivery Mastery

First seven years of my career were spent on honing my skills as a software developer, systems administrator, business analyst, and (just a little bit) test engineer. My first commercial project in 2001 marked the start of that journey, which included most of the elements of what could have been called DevOps and XP.

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