Who am I?

My name is Alexander Leonov. I am the CTO of Taskpace and an Agile Practice Coach. I live in Auckland with my lovely wife and spend some time daily preventing the cat chewing the documents on my table.


My professional story starts more than 16 years ago, in the year 2000. I got my first software development contract in the city of Odessa, Ukraine. Then my career moved quite rapidly through the years, bringing me to the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, then to Bern in Switzerland, and then, finally, to Auckland.

I had a taste of several different industries like freight forwarding, express mail delivery, internet marketing, telecommunications, and entertainment. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the journey in the small start-ups and in 5000+ people corporations – learning, learning, learning (and spending occasional sleepless nights).

After doing a variety of roles in software development, project management, and general IT, I’ve finally settled on creating a practice to help companies and individuals around me. It is really fulfilling and personally rewarding.


I run an agile coaching practice. I delight in applying my expertise to help others.

Cybersecurity-related services are maintained through Knowledge Lab.


I am a President of a Spark Speakers Toastmasters club. We meet fortnightly and hone our communication and leadership skills. I’m proud and honoured to be a part of the club.

Every four weeks I run networking events in a group called Business Network of Auckland. We gather mighty interesting crowds. Who wouldn’t want to spend a Monday evening in a company of soon-to-be-friends?

Also, to keep up professional development, I am a member of the Institute of Directors, and of the IT Professionals New Zealand.


I am an avid board gamer, I play keyboard and guitar at home, and I spend ridiculously large amounts of time playing with my cat (who I train to be a dog, with moderate success) and tending to the tomatoes on my deck.

There are many other things that interest me, but instead of listing them here I’d rather find out what we have in common over a cup of coffee.