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Oversimplification is a lossy reduction of the original idea to the point when the result does not have its essential elements anymore.

A Pen Or A Pencil?

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For years, I mostly used pens to take notes. A little while ago, I picked up a pencil and jotted a few words.

For several weeks now, I’ve been using only my pencil. It has become considerably shorter because I sharpen it too much.

It’s a soft pencil, 4B. Why do I use it?

In addition to the words, I can enrich the information with different stroke styles. The flexibility of this primitive device is amazing :)

And somehow it feels different, feels better. And eraser works!


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Delegation is a management device that allows one to focus on work only they can do, & trust the rest to the others (often direct reports).

Beauty In Business

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I like beautiful things. Presentation of work is as important for me as are its inner workings.

Over time I noticed that beautiful things work better.

Elegant code is easier to maintain, and it has fewer problems. The smooth process helps people rather than stifles them. Beautiful model fosters better thinking, and so on.

Yet often in business aesthetic qualities are dismissed. “Good enough” quickly replaces “good”.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But chances are, whenever you see something working really well, it has quite a pinch of inner beauty to it - distinguishable and understandable by everyone.

There is a definite place for beauty in a business setting. And we don’t have enough yet.

Why Don't We Like Change? Part 1: Too Late, Too Loud!

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Surely, we all enjoy more sales, higher pay, promotions, and things that allow us to drink coffee longer. Why is it then, when we talk about change in business, or in workplace, people cringe? Let's look at why we need to change, and how do we go from introducing bad change to introducing good one.

In this post: the two types of change (unsustainable and sustainable), and the relationship between robustness and resilience.

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Consumerisation is a trend in B2B products that makes them consumer-friendly, with B2C offerings’ features; targeting people, not companies.

Is Every Company A Technology Company?

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Is every company a technology company today? Yes, and no.

Yes, because the technology has reached that stage when it becomes a necessary core discipline in any business. Just like electricity did, and then phones.

No, because having technology underlining everything in the business doesn’t make you a technology company. Otherwise, we’d all be “accounting companies”, or “marketing companies”, or “sales companies” - after all, we all need accounting, we do marketing, and we wouldn’t survive without sales.

So, the better questions would be “does every company need technology?” - to which the answer is resounding yes.


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Depersonalisation is a way to remove ego from a process, to avoid ‘getting personal’. Can be done e.g. through a ritual or an intermediary.

Eating Your Own Dog Food

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I speak on different topics. Sometimes it’s about change management. Sometimes it’s about software development. Sometimes it’s about business strategy.

I take certain pride in what I do. Part of it comes from the fact that I actually do things I talk about myself.

I introduce change the way I advise others to. I do and manage software development in the way I recommend others to use. I go about strategy in the way I consult others to go.

Sometimes, I change my approach, and reflect that in my consulting immediately. Maybe, that’s why it works.


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Digitisation is a conversion of information from analog to digital form. For example, you had a paper bill, now it is a PDF file.