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Disintermediation is removal of a ‘middle man’ to avoid bias. E.g. using self-described metadata rather than deriving it through analysis.

Building a Habit

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Some time ago, I decided to build a new habit - put out a piece of writing every day.

So far, it’s been the hardest habit to build. It is also one of the most rewarding. It is a kind of a mental exercise, that keep thoughts clearer and mind ‘fitter’.

It is said that it takes 21 days to make habit permanent. I didn’t find it true. Twenty-one is a nice number, and has a nice ring to it, but it can take longer, and be much harder than it seems.

Still, it is an essential skill, and I think it should be taught in schools. Along with time management basics, introduction to business, and the principles of psychology.

Customer Journey

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Customer Journey is a combination of paths that customer can from engagement with your business/site/process all the way through retiring.

Weekends And Consulting

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Once you start working by yourself, and having consulting gigs, your schedule breaks apart.

You no longer have ‘office hours’ - that’s an obvious one. But there is one other things that occasionally gets ravaged - the weekends.

The key is to still allocate time for relaxation. If you need to move the weekend to Friday - so be it. So, most weeks I’ll have a half of Sat, half of Sun, and then a full day sometime during the week. It’s great!

Digital Strategy

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Digital Strategy is a plan for getting tangible business benefits from digital assets. It is not the same as Digital Transformation.

Organising Meetups

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While running my business networking meetup, I got the same question multiple times:

Why do you organise this Meetup?

First of all, it brings me enormous satisfaction seeing the people communication in an amazing atmosphere.

Secondly, I enjoy bringing people together and helping them find the opportunities they seek.

And the last, but not the least, I just love talking to people, and, frankly, I cannot stop.


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Persona is a distilled vision of a target internal/external customer. While ‘audience’ is general, personas are specific, and enable focus.

Networking Plan

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Some time ago I ran a workshop about networking. A big part in it was creation of your own networking plan.

Since I like to eat my own dog food, I use it, too.

What I’ve found that for different consulting products I have different target markets. Therefore, I need to either focus on one network at a time, or to have two separate plans and try to work them together.

Instead I decided to go a different way, and assign priorities to the plans, and work on them proportionately. Should I put this into the content of the workshop? Yes, I probably should.


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Discoverability is a measure of the ability of the content to be found. If your website is not indexed by search engines, its D is low.


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I love frameworks. I love them in the same way that we, humans, love putting things into boxes.

A cat, for example, would jump into a box with pleasure. We, on the other hand, enjoy filling the boxes. Or the squares. Or the blanks.

It puts things in order.

Frameworks help organise thoughts in order, too. Instead of coming up with, for example, a strategy from scratch, you get to fill in a few blanks, and voila! You’re halfway through.

The key is to know when the frame can be flexed, and where it can be broken.