Good Enough?

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There is a big difference between a solution that is a perfect fit, and the one that is ‘good enough’.

Which one do you need?

Contrary to the popular rule of 8020 and a lot of advice telling you that getting to 80% fit is all that matters, in certain cases it is better to walk an extra mile. For example, if you are working on mission-critical system that operates in a healthcare environment, you don’t want to ignore 20% of the remaining requirements.

As with any other rule, I use 8020 sparingly, and always evaluate how far is ‘enough’ before declaring it ‘good’.

Culture Of Change

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A Culture of Change is an organisational culture where change is inherent, people are innovative, inspired and involved in becoming better.

Change Starts With Communication

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It doesn’t matter what the change is about. The first step is often the first letter of the word - C. It’s choked.

Change is impossible, people are immovable, and they simply can’t change. Of course, all the results that you envision at this moment are illusionary.

You have to focus on communication to raise to the next level. It’s the foundation without which a real and sustainable change is not possible.

Change Management

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Change Management is about making change sustainable, guiding it from being Choked to being Essential, and doing the letters H-A-N-G, too.

Thinking Out Loud

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I work on my materials mostly by myself. They appear, take shape, become models and processes. But one of the biggest boosts my work gets when I show it to someone.

What’s interesting, the listener doesn’t have to understand the topic. The fact that I’m explaining something to another human being makes me think differently. I tried thinking out loud, but that feels akin drinking alone. It’s a dangerous path to follow. It’s enough that my whiteboard-covered walls sometimes resemble a nuthouse with scribblings all over them :)

I love thinking out loud, if there is someone who’s there listening to it, and it’s a pretty powerful tool for me.

Is Cloud Secure?

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Got this question again today. “Is cloud secure?”

Nothing really is completely secure, if it is still plugged in. But in overwhelming majority of cases, cloud security is much better than the one you can implement inside your own premises.

Yes, using the cloud introduces new risks. If they are too much to manage and outweigh the benefits, then “hey you, get off of my cloud!” But, as my friend says, it is “highly unlikely”.

To answer the question, most cloud services are more secure than whatever you can do yourself, but that doesn’t lift the risks and responsibilities from you completely, just changes the landscape.


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Networking is a process of building relationships. It’s not about selling to people. It’s about connecting to them in a meaningful way.

Matching Business Process Improvement To Your Organisation

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How to you choose a BPI tool? With more added every year, it can be a tough choice.

You need to match the tool to your needs, and then to your capabilities.

Is the tool applicable to your situation? Is its life cycle suitable for your organisation? That’s the needs.

Do you satisfy tool’s requirements? Can you successfully put it into practice? That’s the capabilities.

If you match all four, then you can go and try the tool. Otherwise, there is a decent amount of risk that has to be mitigated, and the juice may not be worth the squeeze.