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A culture is the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. Company culture and its changes, are, in this way, measurable and quantifiable.

Robustness and Resilience

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There are many definitions for robustness and resilience. I have my favourites.

Robustness is surviving unchanged. Resilience is surviving changed.

There must be a balance. If you are robust, but not resilient, you’ll crash when the pressure grows too high. If you are resilient, but not robust, you’ll have to change constantly - and run out of fuel.

If you are robust enough for periods of relative stability, and then resilient enough to change regularly, you’ll succeed.

IT Departments and Cloud Adoption

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What is cloud computing? One of the definitions is “on-demand computing delivered over the network and billed as you go”.

Who demands? Business. Who provides? Vendors.

Where does the IT Department come in?

It should lead the way, build the relationships, and increase value for the business. In case of the cloud, it means taking on the CSB role.

Feeling Sick Is No Excuse When You Work Standalone

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When you’re consulting independently, there are no sick leave days. No bad mood, no rough mornings, and certainly no excuses for early Monday starts.

And you know what? That gives a different perspective. Instead of “oh, I’d rather stay home than go to the office” it is “okay, how do I get my stuff done faster so that I can concentrate on recovery”.

Feeling sick sucks. But it has no influence on your work, if you don’t allow it. Really.

Memorable Acronyms

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I have my own models for all areas I consult in. What I’ve found, is that people tend to remember catchy words, or funny acronyms much better than just descriptions and lists of points.

Now I’m spending quite some time with thesaurus to polish my thinking, and it results into ABC models, SLIC websites, CHANGE frameworks, and so on. Words have power. Words within words have even more of it.

Basics - More, Better, Shorter

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I’m often asked about basic things in process improvement, in security, and in other areas. It seems that with more and more information that you can find in the internet, it is harder and harder to avoid bad advice.

So, next week I’ll start putting out articles about basic concepts and ideas that I use regularly, and that help my customers (in addition to usual blog posts). Every one of those will be in a tweet format - short, and to the point. That will be a challenge on its own :)

Chairing Conferences

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Chairing an event is quite different from speaking at it as a presenter.

It’s a different kind of excitement crafting speaker introductions, and bridging the talks. It is somewhat akin to being a Dungeon Master in the game of D&D. I like it.

Today, I was chairing at the Performance Reporting and Business Improvement conference. It was a great day!

Last Minute Presentation Changes

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Sorry, did I say changes? I meant to say, “throwing the previous version away and building a new one”.

After having presentation ready for weeks, suddenly you realise that it can be so much better. And all the pieces of a puzzle fall in their places. And then it’s just one looooong night and a sleeeeeepy day, and you end up with a perfect slide deck.

Don’t be afraid to throw away stuff that no longer fits. And it’s not about presentations.

Tracking is Power

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How long is your average sales process? How many proposals get accepted on the first try? How many calls do you make to close the sale? If you don’t know details on every step of your business processes, there is no real way to improve.

You can’t improve something you don’t measure. You can’t measure something you don’t repeat. Start with following a repeatable process, then track each step, and then become better. There are no shortcuts.

Good To Great

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Everyone wants to know how to get from Good to Great. Still. What puzzles me, why aren’t they asking, how to get from Crap to Good?

If every business was just good, without greatness, life would be a dream.

But it’s not. Why? Because becoming good it not a catchy phrase, and not a buzzword to impress management. Still, “good” is so much better than “crap”, that it’s worth considering.